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October 2020 -- Want to stroll around Downtown Louisville with a drink in hand? Well, now you can!

Welcome to Louisville, our downtown has had quite the revival in the last year! With many new businesses celebrating their first year of business, we have added new restaurants, boutiques, and experiences! In September of 2020 the DORA (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area) went into effect in Downtown Louisville. The DORA welcomes visitors to stroll our many locally owned shops, boutiques, galleries, and experiences in Downtown Louisville, such as Hershey Golf and Umbrella Alley. You can purchase a DORA beverage one cup at a time from one of our five participating establishments and carry the alcohol refreshment outdoor within the properly signed area. DORA drinks can be enjoyed everyday of the week during specific hours. 


Here is all you need to know about Louisville's Open Container District


Where are you allowed to carry your cups? 


DORA cups must stay inside the approved area, look for the blue signs at each boundary. You can see the Louisville DORA boundary map HERE.


What are the rules? 


  • All DORA drinks come in a specially marked cup and are sold one at a time and the cup cannot be reused.

  • Drinks must be purchased from participating businesses.

  • DORA cups cannot enter another DORA selling establishment.

  • DORA cups can enter other businesses on our Main Street such as Love the Lotus, Palmer Market, Hershey Golf, Rae's Jewelry, Beatty's Sports and many more! Look for the DORA Welcome Window Decals. 

  • DORA cups cannot be taken outside the DORA boundaries.


Participating Businesses: 



The DORA was a great success for the businesses and community thus far, we are excited for the future and potential it brings for our city! Explore Downtown Louisville, including Umbrella Alley, celebrating the one year anniversary for Unhitched Brewing Company and Scarecrows on Parade on the Greenspace.

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